Scaffolding is up… and PLEASE KEEP VOTING for us!

Renovation plans are Fordhall are gathering pace all the time at Fordhall Farm. Over the last few days the remaining floors within the building have been removed and scaffolding outside has quickly gone up. The site manager for Shingler is Charles and he is pushing hard to keep the project on schedule for us – which so far is looking good!
Roger is our resident dumper truck driver (photo right). He always has a smile and has been paying careful attention to his work, with digger partner Duncan. They have been learning all about Fordhall’s history from mum and have been uncovering more of that history as they have gone along. Whilst excavating one of the central rooms – to be the end of Ben’s farm shop – they found an array of water pipes. As the walls were all insulated we believe that this was used as a walk in cold room, back when Fordhall was a dairy farm producing yoghurts and selling them in department stores across the country.
Cooling pipes below the floor was quite a serious investment, especially during the 1960’s which reflects the success dad’s business had at the time. It is strange to think of the number of local dairy maids who must have walked through these walls, the cows that must have slept in them before that and the customers who will visit them in the future. All farms change over the years and Fordhall is no different. Even the last 5 years we have seen many changes, but none can compare to the changes that will happen over the next 6 months – Fordhall will never look the same again.
Over the next few days, so long as the wind stays away, they will be removing the roof. All tiles will be stored and placed back on in a few weeks time when the new roof structure has been built. This new roof will have to be supported by a new inner leaf to the building, so that we can support a first floor level, enabling us to make full use of the space of the buildings. We do not have enough tiles on the building to complete the re-roofing, but luckily we have a stock in the field that were kept for just this purpose when other old farm buildings were dismantled a few years ago.

Please also remember to vote for us – we can win £500 and some free accounts software! It may not sound exciting but it will be really useful in the new project. No need to fill in any forms – just click vote by following the link below…

Many thanks to you all


Fordhalls new facilities have been generously part funded by Advantage West Midlands

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  1. Well done Charlotte and gang. It’s been a long time happening but really pleased to see the progress. I’ve voted for you as well!

  2. Dear Charlotte

    Wonderful news that building work has started. I really have great admiration for all of you in what you are achieving. I wish I was near enough to visit and see your farm, but I am no longer able to drive so have given my car to my grandson. However I love reading your latest news. Keep up the good work.

    Sincerely, Wendy Smith

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