Shareholders claim the cows

Dear Fordhall Farm,

We, (myself, Catherine, my sister Rachel, my brother Tom, cousin Ewien and Aunty Helen) made it to the farm at last this week and had a great time. We are writing to tell you about our day.

As we were driving in the car we were saying that we expected there not to be much to see yet, but when we arrived we were pleasantly suprised to discover that there was a great deal more than we had imagined.

We began our visit with a walk around the nature trail. After feeding the pigs with armfuls of the windfall apples we ventured down to the river to see if we could see any otters. We didn’t unfortunately. Next we climbed a few trees before strolling on down the riverbank, through the woods, over the castle hill, past the cows and pond, and back to the farm.

After our walk we enjoyed a picnic in the company of the pigs. (We fed them with plenty more windfall apples so they didn’t feel left out of the picnic). Incidentally we also named three: Hamburger, Sausage and Bacon.

Finally, still hungry, we spent our money on treats in the farm shop. – Rachel is still talking about her gingerbread cow. We of course, took home some sausages for tea. We had a great day and would like to let you and the other shareholders know what we decided we had each bought with our shares.

I decided I now own a large black and white cow, which came to sniff me when we were on our walk, and of course, I have bought a pig, my friend Sausage. Rachel decided, “I own a brown and white cow (mostly white), which mooed a lot as I passed by. I named her Thistle. I also have a pig that I have named Bacon.”Tom feels that his shares have bought him “ A dragon tree (an old tree shaped like a dragon), a clump of blackberries and a cow called Spotty that was black and white.” Ewein says, “I bought a little brown calf”. And Aunty Helen has decided to own a piece of the beautiful Tern riverbank.

Although Uncle Ian couldn’t be with us for this visit, we like to think he has bought a share of the composting toilet (no offence Uncle Ian).

We trust our spending is acceptable to all you shareholders and we are pleased that so many people have contributed to saving Fordhall Farm and hope that you have as much fun on your visits as we will have on ours.

We are looking forward to the future.

Best wishes to Fordhall Farm, from your supporters;
Catherine 13, Rachel 10 and Thomas 8 – Liverpool, Ewein 4 ½, Helen 20+! – Shropshire.

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