Snow Falls at Fordhall

Fordhall House

Last week, like most of the country, Fordhall was covered in snow for two days and looked perfect. Within a matter of hours the snow had fallen thickly and the fields were totally white.

Our first 25 lambs of the year (so far) were skipping around and playing in the snow which was very amusing to watch! Elsewhere, the 12 new born Glocuester Old Spot piglets looked confused as they momentarily left their heat lamp to explore outside, then rushed back to the warmth. Very sensible.

As for the cows, they weren’t really sure what to make of the snow. They had become accustomed to the frost over the last couple of weeks, but this was an entirely different level. Most of them gathered near the farm buildings looking for reassurance.

Fordhall Farm changes so much throughout the seasons, it is difficult to say when the best time to visit us is. During the Summer months there is an immense flurry of greenery and excitment, but Autumn and Winter brings changes of colour and you can see beyond or through the hedgerows that normally block the view.

As the plans for the Annual General Meeting progress we are trying to highlight the different aspects of Fordhall Farm to thank everyone for their contribution in our success. This, in many respects, is easy. You only have to come and explore the farm yourself to understand there is something for everyone here.