Some sheep just have to be different……..

If you are a regular reader to the blog you will surely recognise this face! It’s none other than George who used to write a blog here every week. Well, he has now flown the nest and is found playing out in the fields nowadays….that is until this week….

Lambing has started here at the farm so all the pregnant ewe’s have been brought into the lambing barn so that Ben could keep an eye on them. These are all George’s mates so he has come in to join them at the moment (we wouldn’t want him to be lonely in the field).

Sadly……some sheep just can’t help themselves and to our surprise we discovered today that George’s favourite trick is squeezing half of himself through the feeding grate in order to chomp on more haylage than his mates! The greedy sheep! Nothing surprises us with George these days but as he is still very friendly and still enjoys fuss from us here in the office we don’t mind!

Come and see George at our Farmers’ Market on April 11th 2010.

Hannah (George’s biggest fan!)