Sophie’s Last Day At Fordhall Farm

Well, the day has finally come. It is my last day in the office and in between eating chocolate cake, I am trying to get everything in a resonable order so the new person in January doesn’t have to adapt to my abstract filing systems. I have been involved in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative since Feb 2005 and still believe it is a fantastic and inspiring project. But it is time for pastures new! I am off to assist in a primary school and orphanage in Kenya Jan – April then I will return looking for a new project to get to grips with.

I have been very privilaged to work and meet with so many fantastic people. I have a particular fondness for all the volunteers. They vary in ages, skills and availablity but they are all great – from those that come every week or every working weekend, to those that come once or twice throughout a year. Everyone is remembered and equally important.

Likewise, all the people who we meet when out and about or who drop by with tools and other things to donate are incredibly important to the sustainability of the project. Everyones enthusiasm, no matter how moderate or extreme, builds together to ensure the momentum of the project does not wane. It is this, and the chance to learn so much more and meet so many wonderful people, that makes everyday so rewarding and interesting.

Thank you and I’m sure I’ll be back to join in as a genuine volunteer at some point in the future!

MERRY CHRISTMAS and an exciting HAPPY 2008. May it be filled with laughter.

Sophie x

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  1. I remember the morning of that picture, the day of reconning (30 June 2006), fond memories! Best of luck to you Sopie!

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