Thank you so so much for everything you have all done. For all the shares and donations, for all the people you have ever told, for all your help at working weekends and in the office, and for all the fantastic letters we have received.

You have all been fantastic and this would not have been possible without eveyones support. You deserve a HUGE pat on the back.

Check out our home page for the upcoming media…its pretty impressive!

And now for the well deserved thanks:

To all those people who believed in us at the beginning – Nicola Yates at North Shropshire District Council; Leader Plus; Our fantastic board members and Die-Hard volunteers who have been the back-bone of the campagin; Shropshire County Council for a £20, 000 grant; and to the maker of oatcakes for great on-the-go nourishing snacks.

To all those who have given their time and expertise for free – Iain Morrison at MFG Solicitors for his extremely generous time; Taste of the Town Company for their continuous support; Generous local businesses; Greg Pilley and Martin Large from Stroud Commonwealth; and far too many to mention here.

To those who have pushed the campagin beyond our abilities – the reporters and media who have all given fair and just accounts of the project, following it from the beginning and letting more and more people know about this exciting Initiative.

To the fantastic shareholders and generous donators – your leap of faith has never been unappriciated and we cannot thank you enough for making this possbile. The office walls are filled with letters and notes of support and enouragement which has fuelled us on. Many of you have taken the campagin on yourselves and for this we are sincerely touched and moved.

And finally, to one another – Charlotte, Ben and Sophie for being enthusiastic, determined and plain stubbon.

Who would have thought two years ago that over 6,000 people from across the world would be interested in Fordhall Farm and its hidden treasures? WELL DONE FOLKS – fantastic work.

And this is just the beginning! Securing the land is just the first rung on a massive ladder but we feel confident thanks to you. Shares will continue to be sold and any monies over the land purchase amount will go towards researching and building the bunkhouse and educational facilities that have been planned. The sooner the better so we can really allow Fordhall to reach its potenital.

Make sure you all join us for our Charity Dinner and Auction to celebrate in style on July 15th.

May be we may even have a night off sometime soon? Fingers crossed.


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  1. FANTASTIC! I am SOOOO pleased that you have raised all the money. Well done all of you. I wish you all success for the project as it unfolds. x

  2. Congratulations!!!!!

    I’m so happy that the money has been raised to secure the farm. There was much shouting at the TV this morning as I really needed the BBC to skip everything else and get on with telling me if the farm was safe – had a bit of a blub when they eventually did!!!!

  3. Congratulations! You are an inspiration to us all. I’m privileged to have been a part of it.

    Kate XX

  4. Absolutely brilliant! Congratulations! Although you have said ‘Well done’ to everyone who has bought shares and helped in other ways, none of this could have happened without you and your vision. I truly admire your enthusiasm and determination! Like Sophie above, I also was tearful when I read your wonderful news! Best wishes to you all.

  5. Congratulations from everyone at Food Uncut. We’re thrilled for you and humbled by all your hard work and dedication. Keep us posted and we’ll pass it on to our viewers!

  6. I am really happy. There is hope yet that the world is a good place. This proves it. Miriam in Wales.

  7. Well done to you all. You’re a fantastic example of what can be done and your lives will never be the same. I think I just caught something on the radio about Sting and (?) I think Prunella Scales helping out too. It puts my small contribution into perspective but I feel proud to have helped enough to keep you going. Congratulations!!

  8. Wonderful, wonderful news! I live in Essex but hope to come and visit one day. This is just an example of what can be done when people get together and work for something Good. You are a great example to us all, thank you for your courage and example….now onward and upward!!



  9. I’ve been following your story since September and I’m just LOVIN’ it.

    You’re great and I hope many people follow your example. Community owned farms are such a great way for the urban population to get reconnected with the soil.

    One love!!


  10. Competely brilliant! Well done Charlotte, Ben, Sophie and all the volunteers! I have been so nervous all week wondering whether you would raise enough money, so I was chuffed to bits to hear on BBC1 this morning that you made it! I hope I can come and visit and see the farm soon! All the very very best, Ed

  11. Congratulations to everyone, Charlotte, Ben, Sophie, Connie, Danny, volunteers,…..Dave the Postman.
    You deserve the success which is now yours. You employed every trick in the book not least of which is the charm of Sophie and charlotte, as recognised by Dave the postman.

  12. I meant to apply for shares for my grandchildren when I first heard about Charlotte & Ben’s enterprise, but left it until I saw the last minute prompt on BBC Midlands earlier this week – I’m so pleased I didn’t miss the opportunity second time around. Well done, everyone, and every success in the future, can’t wait to bring the kids for them to see how the past can become the future!

  13. I had the whole family up early this morning to see the news on breakfast tv; those great big smiles were truly wonderful to see and the bubbly was very well deserved. You are all an inspiration, to have the vision and the determination to see things through to such a successful conclusion is magnificent.Well done everybody

  14. from brian and dorothy we are both in tears here we have just seen on midlands today you have done it well done charlotte and ben and sophie and everyone who got behind the campaign have a break you deserve it and mines a shandy

  15. I know that you will be receiving 100’s of e-mails like this, but just wanted to congratulate you on securing the farm. I am really pleased for you. You are an inspiration and it just shows what positive thinking can do! I know that this is only the first phase of the project, and you will continue to need the help of volunteers, so my help is still on offer, (if you want it that is?)

    Congratulations again you all deserve success.

    Best wishes

  16. We were highly delighted when we heard the good news on BBC Breakfast TV at 7.30 this morning. Our visit with friends in early May helped us to convince a number of other friends to buy shares and make donations. It has proved that you were correct and we will come and visit again when we are next in Shropshire.

    Harry and Margaret Heaney, Hoton, Leicesteshire.

  17. I am so pleased that you reached your goal. I cheered with you when it was announced on BBC1 this morning. Congrats to all the team at Fordhall Farm!

  18. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
    Well done!
    Thanks to all involved!

    Your story and achievenment are truly inspiring.

    Sorry I won’t be able to visit for a while, but look forward to doing so one day.

  19. Bought a share for my Mother, she’s thrilled, and well remembers selling your products in Stafford Co-Op in the ’80s.

  20. FANTASTIC! When we heard the news on TV news last night, we were so overwelmed that the younger generation could be so dedicated and care so much for the environment and people’s well being. It is so very commendable that you also have the will to keep in business a family run firm that has been in existence for 80+ years. CONGRATULATIONS to the three of you & the very best of luck for the future.

  21. Great stuff! Congratulations to you all – what an inspirational story of people power! Never in my life have I ever seen anything like it. 🙂

  22. Well done guys – I have to admit I was getting worried with the deadline approaching! My husband spotted it in the Guardian at the weekend – amazing! We’ll keep supporting you and hopefully get up there pretty soon to visit!
    Katie & Jamie Fewings 🙂

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