Summer Fair Rendez-Vous

It is 5.07am. Charlotte, Ben and Sophie (me) started their Family Fun Day meeting just after 12 and have thrashed through most of the planning. It is all coming together superbly well and its set to be a fantastic day packed full of games, activities and entertainment for the whole family. We are all really pleased and very excited. Compared to last year the the change has been enormous, so much so that we are questioning how we ever managed to pull it off?!

After Charlotte went to bed, Ben and I went outside to herd the sheep wandering around in front of the window, back into the field and did a bit of filming for Inside Out. We then visited the pigs and I said hello to our newest residents – 12 Berkshire and 5 Tamworth pigs. They were incredably friendly and sociable so early in the morning.

We are now about to wake everyone else up to listen to this mornings Farming Today on Radio 4 as they have recorded an interview with Charlotte and Ben… and then the next day begins…!

Don’t miss out on The Family Fun Day (11-4pm). Come and see for yourself just how fantastic Fordhall Farm is. See you there!