Summer Sun at Fordhall Farm

As the sun shines everything comes into blossom at the farm. The trees are bright green, the birds are singing and the swallows are all fighting for those spaces in the barn rafters to nest.

New this week were four baby gloucester old spot piglets (pictured here). A fantastic arrival, although it was a little disappointing to see that mum only had four – pigs will normally have a litter averaging 13. Her last litter of piglets was also small which means after rearing these, mum may have to go to the butcher to make room for another gloucester old spot sow (mother pig).

However, on the brighter side the cows are all calving down well, with many hereford calves now running in the fields. Like most young animals they have a spring in their step and an inquisitive eye that makes them adventure into every corner of the field.

The few lambs that Ben had to hand rear due to the mothers being short on milk after triplets, are also doing well. Now out in the paddocks they have soon learnt how to graze and have enjoyed the many visitors to the farm shop who pop their heads over the fence to say hello.

We hope this summer will be without the worries of Foot and Mouth and Blue Tongue, that our events will be without flooding and most of all we hope you enjoy your visits to the farm this year.

See below for information on our exciting summer events.