Telegraph Takes Us By Storm!

WOW! What an amazing reaction from the Telegraph readers! We have been completely overwhelmed by the response we have recieved. It is no exaggeration to say that the phone has not stopped ringing since Saturday. We are walking around with big grins.

Having almost doubled the number of shareholders in just one weekend, we are firmly back on track and re-energised. The current total we believe stands at around £100,000 – only a further £700,000 to go!

All at Fordhall would like to extend a huge, whole-hearted thank you to Sally Williams for writing such a brilliant and poignent article. We could never have anticipated this response, but it just goes to show how much support there is out there for a project such as this. So many people are calling to share with us their passion for organic food and the importance of education in farming. We have also heard from farmers throughout the country who can identify with the struggles faced by small family farms and are hoping we prove that there can be an alternative way.

Realistically we still have a long way to go but the campagin has certainly moved into another gear and people are helping in any way possible. If every new shareholder told another 3 people (easy!) the support would spread overnight. Follow this link to see different ways you can help us or to buy shares online.

Don’t miss the opportuntiy to join in this amazing campagin.