The Adventures of George…..

Welcome to our new feature….The adventures of George!
George is our resident Cade lamb at Fordhall Farm (Cade= left by it’s mother at birth and had to be bottle fed.) He is often up to no good but also likes to take an active part in farmyard life and observe whatever is happening.So…over to George…

‘Hi there. Yesterday I watched Ben and the vet testing the cows for TB. It was very interesting to watch and I learnt a lot! I even learnt how it is tested. Maybe they will let me have a go next year……
Firstly the animal is identified (by its ear tag) and its identification recorded (Charlotte helped with this bit.) Then two injection sites are selected in the middle third of the side of the neck, one above the other, separated by about 13cm. Hair is then clipped around the sites to a radius of about 2cm (it’s all very technical) Next a fold of skin at both sites is measured with calipers and the measurements recorded (Charlotte was extremely busy writing all these bits and bobs down)Then tuberculin is injected into the skin and the upper site is used for the avian tuberculin.
This is all I saw yesterday but I was informed by Ben that the next stage is that 72 hours later, the vet will return, confirm the animals identity and measure the same fold of skin at both sites and records the thickness of the skin fold. Then the results are known’
What a great day, I love helping out. Hmmmm…I wonder what i will get up to next? Watch this space…….!