The Adventures of George… Back!

Baaa I’m baaaack! Hannah has been on her hols for a few weeks so no one has been able to help me type my blog each week, how baaaad is that?

Anyway, I’m back on my blogging streak now and I promise that I will stop with the baaad jokes for this week! This weekend Fordhall will host another fantastic working weekend. This is almost fully booked so if you do wish to attend please do not hesitate to contact me (or Hannah!) asap. I love it when lots of people come to the farm…I get lots of fuss! They are all really happy as they are kept busy all weekend with jobs around the farm. This weekend, Hannah tells me, we are putting in some steps on the badger site, a boardwalk plus much much more.

Anyway, enough about the working weekend, I’m sure the only reason that you read this blog is to hear about me. I’ve moved out! I now live in the fields with the other sheep (I like most of them) but I still like to venture around the farmyard in order to check that everything is still going well and that everyone is behaving themselves….plus I like to let Hannah know that I still love her!

Have a great weekend!


To get involved with the working weekend please call Hannah on 01630 638696 or email