The Beginnings of the Tenancy – Sophie

Last night the board met to dicuss the unique tenancy agreement between future landlord (FCLI) and the tenants (currently the Hollins family). This was the first of many meetings to come as it is vital that this document can relate not only to the immediate situation but can be applied to future generations.

Expert help is being generously dontated by Philip Meade from Davis and Meade Land Agents, Oswestry. Philip says “The future of everyone associated with the agricultural industry depends on there being a next generation of farmers to take over the stewardship and management of the countryside. I have been involved at Fordhall Farm for several years and was impressed by Charlotte and Ben’s commitment and hard work despite the difficult circumstances they faced and still face. If, as an industry, farming is to survive then we have to persuade the public that British farm produce is unique, i.e. we need to create the market NOT just react to it. Education is one of the most important ways we can do this and to me the Fordhall Farm project is exactly the sort of thing that should be encouraged”

It is important to make the message clear that it is possible for conservation and agriculture to work alongside one another and still be finicially sustainable. Increasing one does not mean sacrificing the other. Here at Fordhall, cherishing biodiversity has always been a priority and new was to increase this natural wealth are always being explored. We are proving that you can do it.