The Book is Launched…. By Charlotte

The last two days have been a complete blur as Ben and I have travelled across London from one interview to the next. Organised by our wonderful publicist from Hodder, Eleni, and accompanied by our partners Oli and Maz, two farmers were let loose on London…
The first was an interview on Radio 4’s Midweek on Wednesday morning. As you can see from the pic on the right, interviewed with us was Henry Woolfe, an actor from from ‘The Hothouse’ by Harold Pinter, Lee Mead, the singer who recently won the opportunity to be Joseph on the BBC programme ‘Any Dream Will Do’, and K’Naan, a Somalian rap singer from Canada.
Striaght after this we went to another BBC studios for more radio. This time Londons LBC Radio (see pic on right). A pre-recorded piece to be aired early next week.
Following on was BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Radio Cumbria (also to be aired next tuesday).
The day ended and we were all exhausted; the beginning of the day felt like years ago…
But it was an early night as we were being picked up at 7.30am the next morning to travel to BBC Breakfast TV.

Outside the BBC Television centre, we tried to see if we could spot any celebrities – but alas, there was only us and the taxi driver!

At 8.50am we did a live interview on the BBC Breakfast sofa, and I have to say that the studio was a lot smaller than you would expect. We thoroughly enjoyed the morning and the whole crew made us feel very relaxed.

Bed had to return straight home after Breakfast as ‘Libby’, our Gloucester Old spot was about to have piglets! I stayed in London for BBC Radio London interview.

But, tomorrow is Richard and Judy! And I have to say that we are a little scared…. Hopefully it will all go without a glitch and they will like the book.

Then last but not least we are on Radio 4’s ‘On Your Farm’ programme at 6.40am on Sunday morning and then the Johnny Walker show on Sunday afternoon….. and home to Fordhall – phew!

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  1. Just a quick note to say well done for your slot on R4 Midweek yesterday.

    I’d never heard of you before – but I think what you’re doing is an absolute inspiration!

    Now to try to get my kids involved….

    Kind regards,
    Richard Rodd

  2. I thought I would just drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed your broadcast on the Radio yesterday (Sunday). I visited your farm about 40 years ago and met your father and had a lovely time. I was working for a large food company and my boss was given an invitation to visit your farm. He was unable to take up your offer and me, being his secretary, went in his place.

    I will try and come down to your open day, as I am sure I will see quite a few developments since my last visit. I am now living in North Wales.

    Best wishes for your continued success.


  3. Hi Charlotte
    am enjoying the book – only just started it as decided to re-read Arthurs book first
    Was up till midnight reading yours last night – well written – well done both of you! (got to the bit where you meet john Hughes)

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