The building work at Fordhall continues…

The rebuilt brick walls put the old walls to shame, but when they are sand blasted and the lime wash is removed, they will all merge beautifully.

Apologies to those who are checking the blog on a regular basis, after taking a few days off myself, the build has moved on at the great efficient speed we have come to expect from Shingler Construction. The warmer weather has allowed the old brick walls (some of which were taken down and some of which fell down!) to be rebuilt. Using the relcaimed bricks from the original walls and building with lime mortar the walls look fantastic – definately straighter than they were before! Seeing the old brick walls go back up has begun to bring back the character to our Old Dairy building. It is definately more exciting to see things going up, than it is to see them come down!

Alongside this we have incorporated as many of the original timbers from the building back into it. Unfortunately, due to their age they have to remain cosmetic rather than structural, but we are happy that they have gone back from where they came from. These timbers have seen a lot of changes at Fordhall over the years and we are glad to see that they will get to see many more.
Simultaneously, the inner recycled blockwork leaf, which will hold the new roof, has been erected at super speed. The floor joists for the first floor are now in, providing us with a real sense of the room sizes, as we begin to plan how best to utilise the compact space within the building. But we all know ‘small is definately beautiful’.
Tuesday this week saw a vast change in the build as the oak frame arrived for our classroom window. This is sitting above the old farm shop, and will have views across the farm for visitors. It was a substantial structure and had to be put in place with cranes, which took the team most of the day to erect. Each piece being pegged in place with oak pegs – no nails in sight! Absolutely beautiful.
Thank you Seven for a fantastic design.