The campaign is going – can you help?

Yes, that’s right we need to raise £100,000 before next friday to help secure our grant funding for the renovation of the Old Dairy. At end of play yesterday we have so far raised an amazing £41,528.25!

This project has been worked on by the Fordhall team for over 2 years and earlier this year planning permission was granted. Since then all of the team have been working hard to refine the plans (with our architects at Seven Architecture), create the detailed specification and search for grant funding. Most recently, we applied for funding from the Regional Development Agency. However, since the election everything has been in a state of flux. We hope to hear the result of our funding application by the end of next week and when we do we need to confirm that we have the match funding in place to take the project forward.

Then we can begin to instruct contractors and prepare the grounds. This is a major project for Fordhall and one which will ensure we remain a flagship social enterprise for the West Midlands; enabling us to create our own revenue and reinvest the surplus for community and environmental benefit.

If for any reason, our grant is not successful, we will look elsewhere (we are gathering a list of potential funders all the time). Either way this project will definately go ahead.

A big thank you must go to all the wonderful supporters who have already donated. You are giving us the confidence and enthusiasm to ensure that this campaign and project succeeds.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

Charlotte and all the team at the Fordhall Community Land Initiative