The Festival Begins…

Hi, its Ben here again, thanks to a few good comments about my first blog i decided to do another update.

Today is the start of the “Play Festival” at Fordhall, this is a performing arts festival combined with great music. The Festival is running from Thusday until Sunday evening and has been jointly organised with ‘Play’. Many people arrived today and set up camp for the weekend, everyone seems very interested in what we are doing. I have had offers of more fund raising events in the future and some of the festival goers have even offered to take leaflets and posters home with them to distribute in their home towns, these vary from Chidock in Dorset to Cambridge, and Preston. Its great we’ve got loads of mini campaigns going on all over the country (what have we started??)

More pig problems!!
At about 9:30pm Sym (one of the festival organisers) came running to the office window to inform us that there was one of our Tamworth pigs trying to attend the festival. “Yes” another escapee. The little Tamworth had discovered that the electric fence battery was flat and he could crawl under the wire without getting shocked (why do they have to be so clever??).

I seem to have spent most of the past two days in the butchery packing burgers and sausages. We are supplying all the food for the festival this weekend so I’ve had to make over 600 burgers and pack 1000 sausages and 1000 rashers of bacon, I never thought I’d see the day when I couldn’t eat a bacon butty for supper.

Campaign update.
Today was another great day for contributions with 157 letters through the post, its great to receive so much post, but gosh they take a lot of work to process and file, as I’m sure Rob will gladly tell you. The total is gradually creeping up and with all the recent publicity we are keeping the momentum going. I actually got asked to have my photo taken with somone the other day, Im sure they thought i was somone else!

With only 8 more days to go it’s getting very tense in the office, but it’s great too see everyone pulling together to give the campaign this last push.

Current Total £670,000
8 days to go…
Shareholders: 3,701

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  1. Hi,

    I bought a share the other day – hope you make it. Was wondering if you had considered joining the WOOOF scheme so you can get free volunteers to come and help on your farm?

  2. Hi, I was one of the people at the Play festival…it was absolutely awesome and so many thanks for allowing it to be hosted at Fordhall Farm. I think its amazing what you guys are doing – raising so much money in such a short span of time. I only wish I were as motivated towards a goal as you guys are towards this Land Initiative and I wish you every success! I’m writing this whilst eating some of your fabulous pork and apple sausages in a sausage sarnie – yum! Anyway, I shall be checking back regularly to see how its going!

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