The Fordhall Office has moved…

.. and we now have a much better view! The renovation of our Old Dairy building will begin this winter and so in preperation we have been busy making space for contractors. This has resulted in us needing to move our office… from the farm entrance into the field.

It was a big challenge as the cabins had to be completely empty before they could be lifted and moved – by two JCB’s and a tractor and trailer from A.R Richards near Market Drayton (as Ben’s quad bike was not quite strong enough!). Everyone mucked in and it gave us a much needed opportunity to sort through and reorganise our cupboards and stores. You can see Charlotte, Becca, Hannah and Beth with the almost empty office on the right, but we also had help from Detlav, Josh, Tom and Bex – a big thank you to them all, we could not have done it without you.

Now safely in the field, a little more organised, and with our broadband and telephone sucessfully reconnected, it is back to work as usual. Our view used to be Ben’s butchery and the hay barn, now we can see sheep, cows, pigs and families enjoying the picnic area. We are still without running water, but at least the compost toilet is a little closer.

It’s wellies to work for all the staff and volunteers now, but the wonderful views of the Tern Valley at Fordhall make the muddy walk to the office worth it.

On a completely different point, you may be interested in an article published in the Telegraph today explaining how research has proven that organic soils are healthier than non-organic soils due to higher levels of micro organisms. Shocking news since organic farms rely on soil organisms. They help their soils to produce food for the plants which grow on them, where as non-organic farms remove all the food that these organisms live off. However, obvious, all new research helps the cause.

If you want to read the full article follow the link below