The future of our Pork! – Pig Business

At Fordhall we pride ourselves on producing high quality meat to high standards, but this not the case for all pig producing farms, particularly outside the UK.

In the coming weeks there will be alot of press around the varied rearing standards and methods of pig production that ends up on the shelves of British supermarkets. Britain has some of the highest welfare standards in the world for animal welfare, but much imported meat from Europe and beyond does not meet this standard.

The first film to tackle this issue has been produced and presented by Tracey Worcester and will be shown on More 4 on February 3rd at 10pm called ‘Pig Business’. This is a fantastic film and should be watched by everyone – please tell your friends. The Fordhall Community Land Initiative and Fordhall Farm are actively supporting this campaign.

“By avoiding pork from corporations and investing that money in human scale production, we are revitalising small farms and their farm shops, farmers markets and local butchers. If shopping in the supermarket we must seek out labels that indicate British and outside bred and reared or free range on straw bedding.”

For more information on Pig Business click here

At Fordhall our Gloucester Old Spot pigs range free all year round, and rotate around paddocks close to the farm. They can be seen from our nature trail and picnic area in the summer, this way you can see exactly where your pork comes from.

Other campaigns will also be happening through 2009. To see information on Jamie Oliver’s campaign click here

Please help us improve the welfare of our pigs. Care about what you buy and where you buy it from.