The offices are on the move

Our refurbs (porta cabins) arrived a couple of months ago, but it is only now that we are able to begin moving in. After being escorted here by the police, renovated at the september working weekend and fitted with electrics and networks by our amazing volunteers, we are now ready to make the move out of the Fordhall farmhouse.

David Muray has been working tirelessly to fit the cabins with safe and suitable electrics that will allow our offices to function. On the other side we have Malcolm Donneley who has been fitting in our network. We are only waiting for BT to complete their work and we will be fully functional again!

As this time draws nearer we took the opportunity to move most of the office furniture today. With all the male volunteers away, it was girl power all the way. Sophie, Charlotte, Hayley, Annie and Kat all helped move cabinets, cupboards, desks, tables, files, photocopiers, chairs and the mounds of stationery.

And I have to say that we were probably more efficient than if the men were here to help. Who says women arn’t strong!

We even used our Initiative with the heavier objects by using a nearby wheelbarrow to move the photocopier!

Then after a hard days work we all enjoyed a well earned cup of tea and cake (Kat, Sophie and Charlotte above). Moving into these porta cabins signifies a new era for the Fordhall Community Land Initiative. It begins to seperate home life from work life for Charlotte and Ben, and it provides a professional working environment for staff and volunteers.

We hope sometime soon to also install the wind turbine so generously donated by Powertech Ltd. in Dorset (a shareholder). This should power all our lights, making the FCLI office as efficient as possible.