The Shropshire Organic Farmer goes to Brussels!

Yes that’s right – here I am! At an EC Conference in Brussels titled: Biodiversity – our lifeline. I arrived this morning for the EC’s Green Week Conference of 2010. Their subject, biodiversity, is something that has always been close to our hearts at Fordhall, ever since my father, Arthur Hollins, stopped applying chemical fertilisers to the land over 65 years ago.

Ever since, Fordhall Farm has relied on the rich magical life under the soil surface to breakdown our manure and provide the food that keeps our grass healthy and growing. Somehow, I have been invited to speak in a workshop tomorrow: The soil life we walk on – does it matter? I will be alongside some very well versed speakers including the Head of the Department of Multitrophic Interactions, Netherlands Institue of Ecology, and a gentleman from the Laboratory of Soil Microbiological Analysis, France.

Nothing more than a simple farmer amongst them all, I will endeavour to tell the story of how dad returned the fertility to our soils, saving our farm from bankruptcy in the process, by encouraging and protecting the life beneath our feet….wish me luck!

It is a huge honour to be invited to speak to such a prestigious audience, and it certainly means that Fordhall is spreading its influence.

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  1. Hope it went well, Charlotte and will be very interested to know how your contibution was recieved: sounded fascinating and vertainly motivated me to visit you when I come to Shropshire!

    Anne Miller

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