Rob Park volunteer support, with Jason Wright Volunteer

Earlier this summer, Becca asked Jason and I if we could repaint the shed that she uses for storing various items as it was in need of a facelift. Becca went and bought a very nice damson coloured paint to complete the job with.WP_20150804_10_32_46_Pro


Together, Jason and I began rubbing down the wood work on the shed, some of the original paint had succumbed to the elements and started to flake off, and Jason mostly brushed it all down removing any loose bits. He then began the painting assisted by me and it is looking good.WP_20150811_12_20_08_Pro

Luckily we had a spell of drier weather which enabled us to get on with the job but, we had a contingency plan should the weather deteriorate again. There is still a number of sheep hurdles in need of some paint and we were able to get them a few at a time into the workshop in the barn, so when it is wet we can carry on painting them with the aim to complete them in time for the next lambing season.Jason really enjoys his work placement at Fordhall as do I in supporting him, he regards the work high on his favourites list and given the choice of doing any other activity he chooses the farm above any others.