The Theatre comes to Fordhall

Another reminder to all of you at a loose end this coming Monday. We have the Hardgraft Theatre company coming to Fordhall on Monday 8th May at 7.30pm.

This comprises of two comedy actors Mark Whiteley and Dan Hoffmann-Gill. On the 1st May they have embarked upon their most adventurous project so far. They are walking from North Wales to the Lincolnshire coast performing each evening in a new venue.

To make it even tougher, they have no money, nowhere to sleep and no idea where their adventures will take them!

Join them on this amazing journey at Fordhall Farm, Market Drayton on Monday…. if they make it this far….

The evening and company is free although donations will be welcomed for Mark and Dan as they continue on their journey – I am not too sure if they know where they are going after Fordhall, so they well be looking for a venue near you?

Project Update:
We have so far raised £205,000 and have 1402 shareholders from across the country. It is building everyday and the momentum is still up from the Telegraph article over Easter.

We need to keep this momentum going if we are going to reach our £800,000 target by July 1st; we welcome your help. If you would like to help the campaign by putting up a poster, or by placing leaflets in your veg box scheme or community newsletter please do let us know and we can post them out to you.

This is our one and only chance to put Fordhall Farm into community ownership for the benefit of future generations. After being chemical free for over 65 years and with containing a Scheduled Norman Motte and Bailey on site, the farm has to be saved.

Bank Interest
Our business plan is now complete with the skilled help of Ron Makins from Strategia Consulting. This has already been taken to Triodos who seem very keen on the idea, and other banks are being approached. However, the more we can raise through community involvement the higher our chances of success. This is what will really make Fordhall stand out from the rest, and is what puts farmland back into your hands.

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  1. Have you tried contacting Sir Paul McCartney to ask for sponsorship or help with funding? I’ll gladly sponsor you but I worry whethere you’ll get the 800k by July.

  2. Hi Emma,
    We have had trouble finding an accurate address for Paul McCartney, do you have any ideas?

    We are 110% sure we will recieve the £800,000 by July. There is just too much support for Fordhall right across the country.

    If you were to sponsor us and the project was not able to reach its target by July, meaning the land was sold off for future development; you are entitled to have your money returned.
    Therefore the risk of not raising the money in time does not mean that you too have that risk with the monies you put in.

    This project has one chance to succeed, and with the support of people it will do.

  3. Following on from Emma’s comment I would like to donate but cannot see how you hope to raise £600000 in the next two months or will you be planning on taking a loan for the diference between purchase cost and amount raised by selling shares
    David A

  4. Hi David,
    £600,000 is an achievable target so long as there is support and this is what the project is creating everyday. If we are granted the grants we have applied for then we should have no problem in raising the money. Similarly if we continue to recieved money at the same speed we have been doing since the telegraph article we will have no problem. The key to the success of this project is people.

    We are also talking to a number of ethical banks about funding the short fall.

  5. We did do this, but somewhere through updating the site we have lost the link and can not find it!

    We are looking into the problem and hope to have online doantions LIVE again soon…

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