The Volunteer Frenzy

WOW the dead line is quickly approaching now with only 2 days remaining and only another £30,000 still needed. We know that there is £750,000 cleared in the bank, and then cheques waiting to be cleared and the next days post still to be opened – who knows what the total figure will be this afternoon, and this is coming all from you guys…

The support we have received from volunteers over the past two years has been amazing. Without all their help we never would have got this far. With the last few days flying bye we have had great support from local and national volunteers. They all seem determined to help us with this last push to the deadline. Many of them have vowed to continue their support after the deadline to help get the project on it’s feet.

A big worry for us is that after the deadline has passed many people will lose enthusiasm and forget about the great things planned here. Dont forget there is the Bunk House, the educational resource room and the local/organic food tea rooms still to conquer. This project is still really at its beginning, but once we have secured the farm (looking more and more positive by the minute) there are many more grants that we can apply for, and of course we have the time to do them.

Shares will still be on sale after this week, so dont worry if you are running late. Any surplus made will go into these activities and hopefully to help eat into the loan that we also have from Triodos Bank.

This project has such enormouse potential and has gathered such momentum that it has to succeed now.

Current Total £770,000
2 days to go…
Shareholders: 5,361

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  1. I’m so pleased that it looks as though you are going to have the £800,000 needed by the deadline.
    I love what you are doing and am hoping to organise a fundraising event for you in Lowestoft, Suffolk for around the end of August.
    I hope that the community ownership of Fordhall Farm will be an inspiration to many and hope that those that have heard about it but can’t support it financially will take a moment to think about the farms near them that they can support in many ways.
    I’ll be setting my alarm for tomorrow morning to watch BBC news too!

  2. I’ve pursuaded my mum to buy some shares, she lives in London and does not even know where Market Drayton is………who cares.. she now ownes a part of something truly magnificent and wonderful and all down to people like you who have shown such determination…my thoughts will be with you on Friday….rooting for you

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