The yurts are on the move..

Our yurts have been in desperate need of repair for some time. As we approach the end of our building project our focus moves towards creating a car park space and improving the remaining infrastructure on the farm.

As a result, last weekend was spent erecting a new compost toilet (well starting to erect one!) and taking down and repairing our 10-year-old yurts. They have begun to look a little untidy through the harsh winters and the canvass has been especially hit. But unable to afford to buy a new canvass we are repairing, cleaning and re-waterproofing the ones we have.

Taking the yurts down was like peeling an onion: first the canvass came off, then the sheep’s wool insulation, then the sheets inside, and then the timber structure (which was almost like a stack of cards collapsing). Everything was bundled into Ben’s van and moved into a temporary container, ready for us to re-erect them this coming weekend…
In the meantime the canvass has been cleaned with big brooms, bins full of waterproofing soap and then hung over any available fence (or pig ark!) we can find to dry.
Meanwhile another willing group of volunteers were erecting the frame for our new deluxe compost toilet. It might not look like much at the moment, but just give us another weekend and it will look amazing.
If anyone would like to come and help erect the yurts or complete the build of the compost toilet this coming weekend then please let us know.