Volunteer Experiences

Below is an extract from an email a volunteer has circulated. It clearly shows the passion that volunteers have for the Initiative. Fordhall Farm means something different to everyone. Make sure you give yourself the opportunity to visit and discover Fordhall.

“Having spend all day in the office, walking through the town to my house, or catching the bus through to college, the closest I get to the countryside is Andy Sugdens farm in Emmerdale – and even that’s not going down the drain!

It’s such a relief to get down on the farm, green rolling fields with cows and sheep meandering freely with fluffy new lambs and calves, piglets that get bigger every visit and chickens always wanting to stand where ever you’re about to step; breakfasts of farm bacon and fresh eggs.The meat sold in the shop is largely meat off the land and its nice to know that what you are eating is from animals that looked after, that are cared for and who have the freedom to roam around the farm rather than being cooped up in a little box.”

There is an Open Day on May 14th when Ben, Charlotte and myself (Sophie) will be giving guided walks around the farm and answering any questions. A number of volunteers will also be here, serving tea and cake! They are more than willing to share their experiences and hopes for the future with you. For more information or to book a place either email us at project@fordhallfarm.com or phone 01630 638696.

See below for information about the Charity Ball on May 13th. This popular event is a great excuse to spend the evening with your friends having lots of fun – all for a good cause!