Volunteer Kitchen gets new addition

A few weeks ago Charlotte travelled to London to collect a gas cooker donated by a very generous supporter.

Pam from Wessex nightclub in Clapham, London is knocking down her nightclub and closing her catering business to begin new adventures and had a spare cooker that we could take advantage of.

But Pam, has been a supporter of Fordhall for a long time. In the 1960’s Pam used to deliver Arthur Hollins’ Fordhall yoghurts and cheeses to London department stores. Collections from the cold store at Stamford Street were taken to Basingstoke and Guildford among many other places, to satisfy customer demands. It was her first job and she was paid £3 per hour including a work van and all her petrol – not bad for those days!

Inspired through the food industry she went on to have her own catering business, a delicatessen, and later the nightclub. Who knows where she will go next…

Anyway, thank you for the cooker Pam. We hope to get it working in our volunteers kitchen as soon as we can get it converted to LPG.

Follow this link to read more about Fordhall’s history.