Volunteer Profile: Georgina Mason

Georgina’s volunteer story is next in our series, as published in the Winter 2011 edition of the Grazer!

Times whizzes by on a Tuesday as the motley crew of volunteers turn their hands to all sorts of jobs around the place. When I first said I was free to help out a bit in the garden I never thought I’d find myself slapping cowdungy stuff on to the outside of the clay pizza oven, tidying up in the yurt after an adventurous cow had paid a messy visit or straining in a high wind to anchor a flapping tarpaulin on the roof of the temporary store rooms. But it’s all in a happy day’s work at Fordhall. There are always lots to do. It’s true to say that volunteers bring with them enthusiasm and a willingness to get stuck in but we ourselves never leave without learning something new. Even if it’s only to always shut the flaps on the yurt! And we do indeed do lots of gardening too. Plants get sown and tended, weeded and thinned. Throughout the summer we had the added interest and pleasure of welcoming visitors of all ages and nationalities into the garden.

It’s an enriching, sociable and instructive experience volunteering at Fordhall. Come and join us and find out for yourself. You’ll be made very welcome.

To find out more about volunteering at Fordhall, email volunteer manager Mike at mike.grabarz@fordhallfarm.com