Volunteering Mayhem

Last week Ben and Charlotte were followed by BBC One Life camera crew who are recording a 10 minute slot on the regional (Midlands) programme to be aired on 27th Feb, 7.30. The crew were all lovely and easily fitted in amongst all the volunteers. It should be a really interesting programme…certinaly tested their acting skills!

I’d just like to take the oppourtunity to say a huge thank you to all of our regular volunteers. We have 3 who come once a week and others who come for a weeks stint at a time. Some days I have to work from home for the morning simply because there is not enough room in our office to accomodate everyone. Its great stuff and the reliable support is really appriciated. Anything poeple can offer, no matter how small, is useful and reinforces the fact that this is a place for community activities.

Let this be a warning to any others who think they can just ‘pop by’. Charlotte and I have a knack for getting people to work for us without them relaising until it is too late. Just today someone who is designing a database for us came round to teach us highly un-technical girls what to do, and within 10 minutes I had him sticking stamps for me. Its all about involving as many people as possible.

You have been warned!!