We are so close, by Ben Hollins

Only 5 days left
With only 5 days to go until our dead line the tension is really building in the office. We are working all hours possible to try and cram in as much work as possible.

Today has been a very surreal day, the phones have not only been hot with people wishing to purchase shares but they have also been ringing off the hook with the media wanting to do follow up stories and news pieces on the TV.
Coming Up:

  • BBC Midlands – Tuesday evening
  • Shropshire Star – Tuesday
  • Radio Shropshire – every day this week 8.45am
  • Beacon Radio – Tuesday
  • Telford FM – Tuesday
  • BBC Breakfast News – THE RESULT LIVE – Friday morning 6.20am

If a couple of years ago I had been told I would be in this situation now I would never had believed it. When we first set up the web site we thought it was great when we got the first 500 hits, but now the web has had near 30,000 viewers, how amazing is that. The online sales have shot up this week with the dead line looming on the horizon (what a god send paypal has been for us).
What you must not forget is that July 1st is just the first step on a very tall ladder for us here at Fordhall. Securing the land is vital, but the fundraising does not end there. Our plans for the future of Fordhall, with bunk houses and educational facilities will also need funding. If you feel you can help post saving the farm, all the same funding options will be available.
It’s been great that everyone has taken up our campaign and followed it so loyaly. We just need to maintain the momentum for these last few days in order to meet our target.

Farm update:
Following my previous bloggs a few people contacted me to find out how the TB tests went. Well I’m happy to say that we passed with no problems.
On Saturday we took delivery of our 2nd bunch of free-range chickens. These are not egg laying hens, but they are for producing meat to sell in the farm shop. We find many people prefere to buy our home grown free-range non organic chickens apposed to commercial organic chicken. We only rear 30 at a time as this allows us to pay attention to detail and ensure we are producing a good quality product. We may now expand on this to fill the demand.

Raised so far: £729,000
Share holders: 4,380


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  1. I shall set my alarm clock on Friday morning. If good wishes were pounds, you’d have reached your target ten times over.
    Kate Long XX

  2. I have been rooting for you for months now, and have spread the word as far as I can. I am sure you can make it, and my wife and I will be watching BBC news on Friday (in Norwich the other stations are out of range).

  3. I saw the article about the Fordhall Community Land Initiative in the June issue of Country Living Magazine and was bowled over by your enthusiasm and integrity. Yoa are beutiful rays of sun shine on this wonderful, but too often neglected planet.

  4. You are all a bunch of complete stars, really proud of what you are doing and such a great project, we are all hoping for a successful outcome, well done everybody.

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