We have floors!

New sub floors go into our Old Dairy. The space here will include Ben’s butchery and farm shop as well as toilets and a volunteer shower – very exciting!
As the new year gets underway our building is really starting to take shape. Last week the warmer temperatures allowed our first layer of concrete to be laid. This has provided the remaining walls with much needed stability, whilst work on the internal structure continues.
It is amazing to walk around Fordhall and each day there is a different view to look at. Now building sites might not always be the most exciting places, but we are certainly getting a lot of enjoyment about seeing our building at Fordhall progress. Seeing the new floor go in was a great step forward and allows us to really begin to visualise the space.
But, as soon as the floor was set, Shingler set about building the internal structure and it began to look smaller again! This inner leaf will provide the stability we need to hold the first floor and the roof. Although it looks like a lot of concrete block, these blocks are all 80% recycled aggregate and so we are doing our bit wherever we can. Soon the structure for the roof and first floor will appear and our building will really begin to take shape.

… Meanwhile we are planning for the opening… If anyone has any lovely old chairs and tables (in good condition) or tea sets (which are dishwasher proof) then please do let us know.