Work on the roof continues

Work continues to gather pace with the farmhouse roof. Most of the front roof is now off and supports are being added where timbers are rotten or cracked. Mike Salt Conservation Builders are working on the project and Rodney Bellamy is our architect keeping a keen eye on everything. Work is steady and we have had a few leaks during the showers but we are still hoping it will be complete by Christmas! Otherwise, it could be a cold one…

Additional works have already been found around the northern chimney stack, where a purlin had been built through its centre! Perhaps not the most fireprrof method of supporting the roof. This chimney stack is now having to be re-built and the purlins supported elsewhere.

Alongside this work, local volunteers, Maude and Jean, have been following progress to help gather and interpret the farms history. Questions which date the roofs and other rooms in the farmhouse are beginning to be answered, whilst new questions simulataneously arise. It is interesting work and we hope it will culminate into an interesting report at the end.

A big thank you must go to Maude and Jean for all the time and effort they are putting into this. But, we musn’t forget our lovely architect and builders – keep up the good work chaps…. and please finish for Christmas!

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  1. Hi Duncan,

    Yes we certainly will be! 🙂

    We have some thermafleece already in stock for the roof spaces that did not need repairing, and we hope to put insulation in the rest of the roof space at a later date.

    Don’t worry there is no heating so the bills are small anyway and with all the draights stopped we will be heading in the right direction.

    I am sure full insulation won’t be too far away.


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