YOU will OWN Fordhall Farm!

Many of you may have watched the documentary on BBC Midlands on Monday 27th February. It was an Inside Out film about the fight to save Fordhall and to open it as an educational and social resource promoting sustainable farming and healthy living.
The ten minute film covered the long history of the farm and the pressures it has faced from sprawling development. It was a very well put together piece, but unfortunately it did also serve to mislead.

We would just like to clarify that neither Charlotte or Ben Hollins will own Fordhall Farm. All share money and donations received are being fed into the Fordhall Community Land Initiative. This is an Industrial and Provident Society, which by law means that it is a ‘society for the benefit of the community’. This society, which is owned by its shareholders – YOU, will own Fordhall Farm and will lease the land back to the Hollins family who will continue on as tenants.

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