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Recycling facilities

Fordhall is home to two large eco buildings (including a straw bale lodge), plus we have three compost toilets, (as well as the flushing kind!) a woodland roundhouse for retreats, weddings and educational sessions and off grid glamping yurts.  

At Fordhall we have built with straw, hemp, car tyres, hempcrete, reclaimed bricks, lime plasters/mortars, clay paints, cedar shingles, and used Roundwood timber framing. Within this we have used sheep’s wool insulation, hemp batts, recycled newspaper, and slate.

If anyone would like to know more about the natural building techniques we have used, please do get in touch. You can view summary of our first renovation here:



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Farm shop exterior

The Straw Lodge

This beautiful Lodge can sleep up to 30 guests and now forms an integral part of Fordhall’s volunteer programme, Care Farm facility, educational offer, weddings and corporate residential packages. For more information on bookings click here.

To find out more about the how and why of this special building, please see the poster below from our campaign in 2018.

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Things to do during your stay


You will be left to your own devices during your stay, and are free to explore our picturesque organic farm. We have farm trails weaving around the farm, which will take you around our pastures, woodland and along the river. Why not say hello to some of our friendly animals as you explore?

Our organic Farm Shop is a short walk away, where you can purchase delicious local produce to prepare in the yurts. We can also provide you with a hamper of your favourite goodies to make your stay stress- and decision-free – just let us know when you book.

Our yurts are designed to help you reconnect with nature, your loved ones and yourself. They are well and truly off-grid. For this reason we have no Wi-Fi facilities at the yurts. There are electricity sockets available for use at the farm in the main building, but with the Shropshire Hills as your playground, this is the perfect place to switch off!

The nature of our yurts and surroundings lends itself perfectly to families that home educate; there are so many new experiences you can enjoy with your children whilst they learn about the natural world first hand.

We're hiring!

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