Leave Fordhall a Legacy or Bequest

Did you know that you can leave your shares or a financial gift to the Fordhall Community Land Initiative in your Will?

A gift from you can help your own beliefs and values live on through our landscape.

Born in 1915, the late organic pioneer, Arthur Hollins, spent his life nurturing the land at Fordhall. It was his commitment to organic farming, his admiration for the work of the worms, and his love for Mother Nature that created the legacy we have at Fordhall today; the very same legacy that 8,000 wonderful members of the public joined with us to save from development in 2006.

As a registered exempt charity we can accept gifts from supporters, which can benefit our work, create your own legacy and are tax-free for you.

We know more than most, that the power of small actions can create inspirational change. Every day we hear the birds, watch the cows chewing the cud and see a worm pop up in our soil, we are grateful for all of you who have helped us to continue to farm and work at Fordhall.

A gift does not have to be large to make a difference, every contribution counts. We appreciate however, that family comes first. Once you have made suitable arrangements for your nearest and dearest, we would love for you to consider the Fordhall Community Land Initiative.

A gift to Fordhall will support:

  • tenant farmers by provided long-term security on community-owned land.
  • our landscape through regenerative practices, organic management and giving nature the same priority as food production.
  • our community of people who access and use our green spaces for education, enjoyment, well-being, walks, and employment.
  • us being able to spread these messages far and wide, encouraging others to follow in our footsteps.

What you can do next

We appreciate creating a Will can be a daunting task, so click HERE to view/download our helpful document ‘Some of your questions, answered’

Click HERE to download our Legacy leaflet

Click HERE to download our Legacy Pledge Form

Click HERE to download a Codicil (A codicil to a Will is a document, attached to an existing Will, that makes reference to that Will, and describes a change to a particular clause in the Will)

What happens if you have shares in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative?

If you have shares in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative then we urge you to think about these too. Your shares in the Fordhall Community Land Initiative (FCLI) are life-long forming part of your estate and they will pass according to the terms of your Will.

Please read our ‘Important bits about your shares’ letter to remind yourself of the finer details of your shareholding.  Download Fordhall Shares – the important bits

At the point of arranging your Will you have three choices. They can be

  • donated back to the Fordhall Community Land Initiative
  • passed on to another member of your family/friend
  • returned to your Estate at their financial value (£50 per share)

If you would like your shares to stay within the Fordhall Community Land Initiative or to pass onto another member of your family, then this is possible if you make your wishes clear in your Will. If you would like to leave instruction for your shareholding outside of your Will, then you may simply complete our Share Instruction Form which can be downloaded HERE.  We can action the request in this form upon your passing.

We are reminded every day at Fordhall of the legacy that Arthur left behind, and it is something that will continue to live for many generations to come.  Our legacies continue in what we leave behind, in the marks we have made and in the memories of the next generation.

Contact us for more information

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift to Fordhall or about the detail of your shares then please do contact us in the office.

Fordhall Community Land Initiative Ltd.
Fordhall Organic Farm
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Market Drayton
Shropshire, TF9 3PS


01630 638696

Registered Industrial and Provident Society Reference: IP30030R
Registered as an Exempt Charity with Inland Revenue reference: XR91116

**  If you are a shareholder receiving our 2023 Legacy Pack mailing and wish to RSVP to our events, please visit www.fordhallfarm.com/RSVP23  **