Our Eco Buildings

Plus we have two compost toilets (as well as the flushing kind!) and a straw bale building for our volunteers and educational groups.

At Fordhall we have built with straw, hemp, car tyres, hempcrete, reclaimed bricks, lime plasters/mortars, clay paints, cedar shingles, and used Roundwood timber framing. Within this we have used sheep’s wool insulation, hemp batts, recycled newspaper, and slate. If anyone would like to know more about the natural building techniques we have used, please do get in touch.

You can view summary of our first renovation here Renovation story leaflet

Our complete eco renovation

Our complete eco renovation 2012


The Straw Lodge – completed summer 2019

This beautiful Lodge can sleep up to 25 guests and now forms an integral part of Fordhall’s volunteer programme, Care Farm facility, educational offer, weddings and corporate residential packages. For more information click here


Eco build

Straw bale building at Fordhall Farm