The Full Fordhall Range Of Dairy Produce

Other new products in the Fordhall range by 1965 were a fresh salad cream and an unusual healthy drink made from yoghourt whey, honey and fresh lemons. The salad cream was made from Jersey cream, live yoghourt, olive oil, Champagne vinegar, fresh horseradish, mead and eggs. The ingredients recommend it and the result was a creamy and delicious dressing- a first class partner for the farmhouse salad, or more exotic bases.
Whey is the clear liquid which separates from the solids of yoghourt, and it has many tonic attributes as a skin treatment and taken internally. Combined with yoghourt and honey it is said to make a delicious drink, and Fordhall advised that it should be served chilled. In addition to the standard range of Jersey creams- clotted, double, whipping, single and whipped cream- there was soured cream suitable for use in many continental dishes, including variations of herring salad. This ‘Smetana’ is Jersey cream soured with yoghourt culture. It could also be sweetened and served with any fruit.

By 1959 Fordhall were producing and selling:
Fordhall Farmhouse Live Plain Yoghourt
Fordhall Farmhouse Live Fruit Yoghourt
Yoghourt Cheese
Yoghourt Cream
Milk Cocktail
Jersey Beestings
Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese Spreads
Jersey Clotted Cream
Farmhouse Butter
Farmhouse Cheshire Cheese
Farm Bottled Jersey TT Milk
Fresh Jersey Cream (Single and Double)
Yorkshire Curds
Goats Milk
Home-made Cakes
Strawberries with Fresh Cream
Raspberries with Fresh Cream
Whipped Cream
Home-made Jams, Marmalade, Pickles
Orange Curd, Lemon Curd,

By 1969:
Full fat soft cheese gateau
Mini cheese gateau
Smetana (soured cream)
Orange or Cherry Cheesecake
Savoury cheesecake
Salad Cream
Whey drink

By 1974:
Farmhouse Salad
Vegetable Cream Salad
Fruit and Vegetable salad
Fruit Salad

The Farmhouse salad contained cottage cheese, carrots, cabbage, apple, mint, lovage, thyme and other fresh ingredients in season. The herbs supplied by E. and A. Evetts, Ashfield Herb Nursery, Hinstock.

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