Our Values

1. Muck in

It’s a team effort, so we all support each other to make it work.

We all take individual responsibility for our work, but collective responsibility for achieving our vision and delivering our mission.

We spot problems and try to resolve them with the help of others e.g. everyone keeps the farm tidy.

We support each other wherever we can, even if it is not part of our day job to do so.

We understand that it is not about individual success but everything is a team effort.

2. Gather the flock

We encourage and support everyone, from anywhere to get involved.

We actively find ways to involve those we find hardest to engage.

We are kind and welcoming and deliver exceptional customer service.

We respect each other’s views and experience, and are open and honest with each other about what we think and feel.

We are open and honest with our customers.

We are passionate about sharing what we do on the farm, what we know and what we have learnt.

In Ben’s Event Catering business, we support British farmers by sourcing our produce direct from them where possible and by providing an opportunity for them to cater at large events.

3. Plant the seed

We’re always up for trying out new things, growing together and sowing ideas for
others to follow.

We are always looking to learn from others and try out new ideas.

We are not afraid to do big, bold things.

We want to be a beacon for others to learn from, setting good examples and spreading the message.

We are not afraid of making mistakes if they are a result of trying something new and we do want to learn from them.

4. Love mother nature

We care deeply about respecting and protecting our natural environment and we
want to share this passion.

We have a clear sourcing policy, which respects animal welfare and the environment.

Show respect and care for animals we rear at Fordhall Farm, ensuring they have happy and fulfilled lives.

Promote sustainable farming.

Actively enrich the farm for the benefit of biodiversity.

Make every effort to ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ to respect our finite resources.

We are mindful of using cleaning products that respect nature.

We will use biodegradable packaging, avoiding use of plastic where possible and feasible, and using compostable packaging as much as we can.

5. Be a place in the sun

We want to have fun, creating memorable experiences which engage hearts and minds.

Inspire and encourage people through experiences and the passion in the stories we and others tell.

Keep a certain ‘quirkiness’ in the way we communicate and present ourselves.

Make sure we are a happy place to work by spending time together and valuing each other.