Help us save the 12-acre Cottage Field

Will you lend us your support?

Photo kindly provided by the Shropshire Star

The landowner of the 12-acre Cottage Field wishes to sell it and we are concerned it could be lost to development. We want to keep this field as part of the working farm, as it has been for over 300 years.

The loss of the Cottage Field would mean a large proportion of our winter-grazing area would be lost. Arthur Hollins’ outdoor grazing system (foggage farming), which we continue to operate, relies on these fields for out-wintering Ben’s 100 per cent pasture-fed livestock.

We would like to demonstrate to the landowner how much support there is to save the Cottage Field as part of Fordhall’s farming system.

We are inviting you to play your part in saving this part of England’s special, historic and organic landscape.