Silvopasture Appeal

Planting Trees as a Living Barn

We invite you to work with us to create a Legacy of Living Barns at Fordhall Organic Farm.

As a community-owned farm and a charitable organisation, we are fundraising to plant over 3,000 trees at Fordhall for the benefit of our livestock, our soil and the climate.

Working with our current tenant farmer, Ben, this will be our gift to future tenant farmers at Fordhall and a fitting tribute to the late Arthur Hollins, pioneer of Fordhall’s pasture-based Foggage farming system.

Read on and follow the links below to find out more. We would love to share the journey with you.

🌳 Read about Living Barns and our appeal


🌳 Want to know more about our journey into Silvopasture? We have been learning from some other wonderful projects across Shropshire.


🌳 Trees for Health – a cow’s medicine cabinet! Learn more about the benefits of Hazel and Willow in this Blog.


🌳 What is Foggage Farming at Fordhall?


🌳 Terrific trees without the PLASTIC!

We will be using NexGen: a British company making tree guards in Britain, using waste British wool! These 100% biodegradable tree guards will be used to support each
and every one of our trees if we can raise enough funds, removing the need for plastic and the risk of microplastics entering our soil.


🌳 Your money will go a long way – every £30 donation will plant and protect six new trees and ensure you receive the Grazer (our quarterly newsletter to keep up to date with all things Fordhall) for the next year.

🌳 Wish to donate by post? Click HERE to download a donation form

🌳 Join in! We are looking for VOLUNTEERS to help us plant the 3,000 trees and fence them off? Please email or call us on 01630 638696 and we can register your details and update you when planting dates are confirmed (Fridays or Weekends through the winter).

For more information on general volunteering on the farm then please visit  Get Mucky! Volunteer with us – Eat, Shop & Play at Fordhall (

🌳 Want to know more about the Fordhall Community Land Initiative?