Meeting the Conservatives, By Charlotte

On Thursday 19th January whilst Ben was in the Farm Shop and Sophie was busy in the Office, I attended at talk given by the Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, James Paice. The talk was entitled “A Conservative Vision for British Agriculture”.

Mr Paice spoke about the importance of reconnecting people to where their food comes from. He said that this was the only way British farming would be secured!

I’m not a particularly political person, so long as they are saying the right things and then following them up with matching actions I am happy. So I have given Mr Paice the opportunity to do just this and to help a project that wants to achieve that reconnection.

Our project has reached so far across the UK now that it could work as a powerful example for others to follow. Allowing the everyday person to become reconnected once again to food production in a way that does not neccessarily mean moving out to the country and getting up at 5am to milk the cows!

I left him with a letter and some details of our project – we’ll see if we get a reply……