Baby Animals Everywhere at Fordhall

As we prepare for the forthcoming volunteer weekend on April 21-22 and the extremely long and busy summer ahead, the farm is bustling with new ideas and inhabitants.

As the sun beats down at Fordhall and raises the temperature in the oven like portacabin, the farm is full of baby animals making their presence felt. The piglets are playing around in their newly constructed pens and the lambs are getting bigger and stronger day by day – they will happily knock you over for food now! We even have 5 kittens that are just discovering their feet and every step is carefully thought through, but usually ends up too wobbley and they topple over.

Above is a picture of a newly born calf. There is a ‘step-by-step’ photo collection of his birth, but these are not on the blog just in case any of you are eating lunch and come across them unexpectedly. Today is a day to be remembered for the yong bullocks at Fordhall. Farmer Ben gathered them all in the small paddock behind the Dutch Barn yesterday. They merrily challenged one another for a sense of superiority, playing around in the field and staring one another down. This morning however, there is a sense of calm amongst the group. Not for long! Today Farmer Ben, aided by a skilled volunteer, is removing their manhood. Yes, go ahead, cross your legs. I am assured that this is only a ‘pinch’ and the younger the better as it is less painful. Still, it is a little uncomforatble to watch!

So think of us and we do hope you are able to come and visit Fordhall Farm this summer, if not only to see the limping bullocks, but also to see how much it blossoms in the summer.