FINALISTS! – Enterprising Young Brits Award

WOW! Charlotte and Ben and the Fordhall Community Land Initiative have been shortlised for the Daily Mail’s Enterprising Young Brits Awards 2009 through the Make Your Mark campaign.

Make Your Mark is the campaign to give people in the UK the confidence, skills and ambition to be enterprising – to have ideas and make them happen. Having a can-do attitude and the skills to spot opportunities, overcome challenges and implement ideas is more important than ever in today’s tough global economic climate.

Charlotte and Ben have been shortlised in the Social Community category and will travel down to London next tuesday to present to the judges.

Just to be short listed is another fantastic achievement for all those involved with and supporters to, Fordhall Organic Farm in Shropshire! A big thank you and a pat on the back should once again go to all of you. It almost sounds a bit repetitive, but we would not be here without you!


There is a publics choice category that all finalists are entered into and this relys on a public online vote. So, please do vote for us. All you have to do is follow the link below, it is that easy.

Many thanks in advance for all your support and watch this space to reveal the result next week….

Vote for Charlotte and Ben and the Fordhall Community Land Initiative

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  1. Dear all at Fordhall

    Congratulations in making the final of the Enterprising Young Brits Awards –
    you deserve it, and I sincerely hope you make it to the top!

    I missed you on the TV, but will catch up later. Also hope to come and see
    you sometime – it is rather a distance from here, but perhaps I can get my
    daughter to come with me next time I visit her in North Wales.

    Very best regards, and good wishes


  2. Dear Charlotte

    Thank you for your interesting email and list of future events. You
    are certainly Enterprising Young Brits, and I think you deserve to
    win the contest. I would vote for you, but I’m not interested in
    signing up for yet another internet thing that sends me unwanted
    emails, and I have a deep distrust of organisations that force you to
    agree to things.

    I did see you on the farm programme and I was very impressed with
    your presentation. They gave you a decent length of time.

    I have noted the date of the barn dance and hope to come along.

    Best wishes,

  3. Dear Charlotte, Ben, Hannah etc.,

    Congratulations on being finalists
    in Enterprising Young Brits Award. It is because of your enterprise in continuing
    the organic farm that I became interested.

    Alas I haven’t been to visit and owing to health problems it is unlikely that I ever
    will. This is why the newsletters are so important. The part of Cheshire where I
    live is very much a farming area and several of my friends at church are farmers.

    I shall be thinking of you on Tuesday and hoping for great things for you. Best of

    sincerely, Wendy

  4. Congratulations on being finalists in the Enterprising Young Brits Awards,
    and lots of luck with the presentation.

    With kind regards


  5. Dear Charlotte,

    What wonderful news! Many many congratulations to you and Ben, your Mum, Hannah,
    and all your supporters! I will go and vote for you now!

    Good luck on Tuesday! Sarah

  6. Hi Charlotte and Ben,

    Just to let you know both Malcolm and I have just voted for you.

    Good luck and hope you win.

    Kind regards


  7. You are doing a wonderful and inspirational job. I loved the program
    BBC natural world. It was great to see the farm featured and i am
    still thrilled that i sent that initial £50 to your appeal in the
    Country Living mag a few years ago now.
    It was fascinating to learn about the grasses on the farm and how your
    father cultivated and nurtured the land for all those years. All the
    very best and good luck with the award.
    Sarah, Lincolnshire

  8. Dear Charlotte

    Thanks for the update. Very well done in getting short-listed for the
    Enterprise award. I only half caught the BBC item, but it made me feel
    really good to be associated – albeit in only a small way – with what you
    and Ben are doing. You are an inspiration, and I hope you are recognised as
    role models for young people. My vote for you has been accepted, so good

  9. Dear Charlotte and Ben It was very nice to have your Email.
    Congratulations on becoming finalists in the Enterprising young Brits
    Awards. Good Luck!

  10. Charlotte

    Well done. Hope you come out top but if not it’s still a great achievement.


  11. Dear Ben & Charlotte,

    Very well done you go from strength to strength, I’m sure you will
    win, you have my vote.

    Good luck for Tuesday.

    Warm regards Sandra

  12. Congratulations, Charlotte – and best of luck. I have voted for you – I’m
    sure lots of others have.

    Hope to meet you in July/August if not before –

  13. Hi Charlotte,

    Hope you and all at Fordhall Farm are well. Very pleased to read you have a
    good new number of lambs being born on the farm. Hope the pigs are doing
    well too. To see new lambs in the fields and lots of bright yellow daffodils
    everywhere does make me feel good and makes me smile to think Spring is on
    the way after all those short dark, grey days of winter. Hannah as a
    midwife … yes that would be interesting to see *smiling*

    I am looking forward to hopefully attending my first FCLI AGM. Looking
    forward to reading the next newsletter and reports to read an overview of

    I have just been on the Make your Mark website and cast my vote for you.
    Good luck on Tuesday.

    To celebrate Mother’s Day we have a Fordhall beef joint in the oven with
    various roasted vegetables.
    See you soon

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