Fordhall office staff venture outdoors…

Yes thats right, Charlotte (FCLI Manager), Hannah (Community Development Officer, pictured below) and Becca (Admin Officer, pictured above) decided it was time they took a day out of the office to help progress the farm trail. Perhaps the middle of winter was not the best time to do it, but if thats when the work needs doing, thats what has to be done!

The job for the day was helping to complete the boardwalk and we were accompanied by one of our capable volunteers, Steve. We all worked extremely hard, through the cold and into the dark and we were all happy to say that a further 10 metres of boardwalk was laid, making it almost now complete.

Together with the remainder of the improvements on the farm our NEW FARM TRAIL, with the help of some Heritage Lottery funding and the fantastic support of our members, will be open in the Spring of 2010… all very exciting!

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  1. What a great day! It was very satisfying to say that you have helped to complete such a asset to the Fordhall Farm Trail.
    Although it was a really cold day (it was December after all!) we all got on with it – with the help of some crisps from the Farm Shop! We were really pleased with the results and hope that you will come and see for yourself next time you are at the farm!

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