Fordhall roof begins a makeover!

Work has begun this week on the Fordhall Farmhouse roof. Thanks to the generousity of all our shareholders we were able to gather the funds needed to complete the work before the winter.

The ivy has come off and the valley has been the first project on the list. We did have a few leaks and downpours whilst the roof was exposed, but we seem to be over the worst of it. Although Ben was a little surprised when he got out of the shower, only to see another shower coming out of the wall infront of him!

Mike Salt Conservation Builders are on the case and as soon as new lead goes into the valley they will begin to strip the front of the house. We also have a lovely architect, Rodney Bellamy, keeping a close eye on all the works. The project is expected to take 8 weeks and we will try to keep you posted on the blog with progress.

A big thank you to everyone once again for allow this work to happen. The Hollins family should have a draught free, dry house for the winter.

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  1. Good Luck i hope it goes without a hitch and no one has to have a double shower like ben!

    Keep up the good work guys!

    ~Emma x

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