Fordhall’s New Farm Shop is nearlly finished!

The transformation at Fordhall over recent months has been staggering. Can you believe that in 2 weeks time we will have a fully operational farm shop, tearoom and classroom space??
Our new septic tank!
Lovely Hazels and Daisy’s have been planted outside, by volunteer Keith Atkey. Bex has planted a herb garden, our air source heat pump is now fully operational (after a few issues with the installation), lights are in, toilets are in and we even have a new septic tank! What more could you need?
This morning Ben and Azhar (from UK Equipment Direct) installed his new fridge. It took 7 men a good two hours to get it into place, but they got there in the end, and it now looks the perfect centre piece for the new farm shop.

The kitchen in the tearoom has all now arrive from Catering Centre UK and Shingler Construction are busy with the installation. Our beautiful Clearview Stove (made in Shropshire) has also arrived and been installed. Meanwhile, wonderful volunteer Viv has been busy gathering tables and chairs ready to fill the space.

The number of people involved with this build continues to grow and we are grateful to each and every one of you. We plan to open the week of the 16th May – a little behind schedule but it will be worth it..

This means that the perfect opportunity to come and visit is our Farmers’ Market on Sunday 22nd May.

See you there..