Having Fun with Mud

Last year at the summer fair, we had a beautiful clay pig built for us in the picnic area. The weather and time have taken their toll on the pig and it was time we did something about it. On Friday a group of children got really muddy helping to put a new coat of clay on her. Using our hands and feet, we mixed clay and water together to a consistency of peanut butter!

We then added straw, sheep’s wool and horse hair to give some texture to the pig and after that we coated our pig in the mix. A final coat of clay acts like plaster to protect it from the wind and rain.

A big thank you to Nicky, Riley, Alex, Jessie, Toby, Jenny, Pip,  Fi. Christina, Ester and Claire for their help 🙂

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  1. Thanks for such a great day. We all had lots of fun getting muddy! A good bath was in order once we got home!!!

    Alex, Riley and Nicky

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