It’s all change in the Community Garden

On Wednesday 8th July we said goodbye to a member of our Wednesday gardening group. Rebecca is moving to a different part of the country and will be too far away to continue gardening with us as part of our ‘Care Farming project’.  We will miss Rebecca; she was an important and happy member of our group who was always cheerful.  As a way of celebrating Rebecca’s time with us, we had an outside pizza party in our community garden. In the morning we lit the clay oven and waited for it to heat up while harvesting some of our organic produce from the garden.



Phil, Phillip and Rebecca helped to make the pizza dough and left it to prove. Meanwhile we picked some of our own organic herbs and finely chopped them. Peas were harvested and our own grown onion was sliced and chopped. Garlic was chopped and added to oil ready to be spooned onto the group’s pizza.  Our Wednesday group not only enjoy growing, but they also enjoy harvesting, cooking and eating their own produce.


Sliced tomato and grated cheese were prepared ready for pizza making. Meanwhile the fire was getting hot so Phil, Phillip and Rebecca were ably assisted by the group’s leader Bex Syrett to roll out the pizza dough and spread tomato puree thinly over the surface of it.  The creative process really kicked in now and our group used chopped mushroom, onions, cheese, tomatoes, garlic oil and chopped herbs to produce their own individual pizzas.


The pizzas only took a few minutes to bake in our clay oven and Phil, Phillip and Rebecca were soon tucking in to fresh home-made organic pizza. Bex and I were also hungry so Rebecca, Phil and Phillip helped by making pizzas for us too. Soon we had other visitors who could smell the delicious fresh food baking in our clay oven. They came to join in the celebrations and make their own pizza. One very special guest was Odilia, the Front of House Supervisor in ‘Arthur’s Farm Kitchen’, who was celebrating her birthday that day. Also Connie Hollins (mum to Charlotte and Ben and Mother of Fordhall) came to say goodbye to Rebecca. Everyone had a great time.


If anyone would like to get involved with the gardening or Care Farming project please contact Bex by e-mail at Fordhall, call the office, or pop over to the community garden on a Wednesday (9.30-1pm) and say hello! Click here to read more.