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Fordhall is firmly part of the Good News Movement! In a time where many of us feel overwhelmed by all the distressing news in the world today, we want to make sure – more than ever – that the good stuff gets shouted about, the life-affirming, reassuring and frankly joyous stories we all need to hear! On the farm, we’re privileged to witness first-hand the wonderful things that take place here, but for those who aren’t visiting regularly we want to share some stories from this special corner of North Shropshire with you, our lovely readers scattered across the world.

As an organisation, we take very seriously the importance of tracking and measuring our impact and reach, our delivery on our commitments made against our aims, and this is done in a whole host of ways. Just some of these include: looking at the conservation work undertaken, individuals building an appreciation and connectedness with nature, feelings of inclusion, improved life skills, volunteer hours, tours given, feedback from educational visits, qualifications gained, evidence of return visits, advocacy on our behalf, benefitting from nutritional, local food… the list goes on!

It’s also always lovely to hear what others have been saying about their time at Fordhall; we love reading people’s observations, and we thought you might like to also!

A teacher following a visit

“After 20 years of school visits, this is by far the most enjoyable and educational trip for the children I have seen. Mike was exceptional at inspiring the children, whilst teaching and keeping them safe. The butchers visit and seeing the raw carcass was invaluable to embed the children’s learning. Super facilities tailored to the national curriculum for the year group. Absolutely fabulous!”

Afternoon Amblers

“After spending 10 years as sole carer for my wife I was sad and lonely, and the idea of walking the farm with companions was irresistible”.

“I think that everything that is being done at Fordhall to help people with depression is fantastic. Life can be very lonely and a dark place but when you join the Amblers it is so helpful to a person. Now I can’t wait for Fridays or any day that I am at the farm. It has given me a new and happy life”.

A Deputy Head commenting on a student that attends the Youth Project

“His behaviour in school is vastly improved since starting here. I haven’t had to speak to him regarding any negative behaviours. We are really pleased”.

Youth Project attendee

“I was sceptical about trying new foods before coming here cos I don’t usually like new foods. But since coming here, I like trying new foods”.

Children’s Farm Diary entry

“I loved it. Last time I was here we saw an otter, I was sad I didn’t see one this time. I will be kind to the planet by recycling. I learnt about composting”.

A volunteer

“It was so wonderful spending time with old friends and new! Nothing teaches camaraderie so well as working with a group of volunteers! Simply the best experience! Mike and Charlotte are staff of course but their enthusiasm, skills and true enjoyment simply shine through!”

Well, I hope that has in some way restored your faith in the world. There is a good news movement happening and Fordhall is incredibly happy to be helping the good stuff grow.

Nicola Syred, Community and Partnerships Lead


This article was first featured in the Winter 2023 edition of the Grazer magazine. For more info and to subscribe, visit:

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