Mental health awareness

🥧 We delivered a hamper full of Fordhall home made pork pies yesterday to the NHS team at the Redwoods Centre in Shrewsbury. These guys are working extremely hard caring for patients with acute mental health problems, dementia and rehabilitation needs. THANK YOU to all NHS staff for caring for our nation. 💪YOU ALL ROCK 🥰

It was particularly nice that the support worker to collect our package was Becca Cartwright. Many of you who have visited Fordhall over the last 10 years will have met Becca. She organised all of our major events, ran our volunteer weekends, organised family activities, and was my right hand woman for over eight wonderful years at Fordhall.

Becca is now changing lives in another way, by caring for residents at the Redwood Centre and we are so grateful for all the hard work Becca and all her colleagues are doing to keep people safe and well.

Mental health is an important topic that we should all be happy to talk about, especially in the current circumstances and it is something close to our hearts at Fordhall.

It is only natural for anxiety and depression to be on the increase when our lives have suddenly become so restricted. Movement is restricted, social interaction is restricted and even access to green space for many is dramatically reduced. It is times like this that we realise how important ‘green care’, ‘forest bathing’ and even visits to the sea and water expanses are. Nature has an enormous ability to heal our minds and to help soothe our anxieties.

Nature is one thing we can rely on to be still, nature always listen to us, and nature provides wonderful distractions such as bird song, colours and perfume. Our trails at Fordhall are still open for this very reason. We have sanitiser on the gateways and handwashing facilities for when people leave site. So, if you are local and you are popping over to use the farm shop then do feel free to spend a little more time wandering in our fields.