Observer Magazine

Make sure you grab yourself a copy of this sundays Observer (6th August). If you take a careful look in their Food Monthly Magazine you may find the story of Fordhall, followed by some fantastic photos.

We hope this will give the project and shares another boost in order to help clear the £200,000 Bank Loan and of course to help contribute to sustainably built bunk house after then.

Make sure you get yourself a copy and that you tell all your friends. Fordhall has a national appeal and significance and this is only just the beginning….

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  1. Hi to everyone at Fordhall,
    Can I just say that I love reading your Blog. I am a five hour drive away from you and this lets me feel like I am still part of the farm.

    I saw your article in the Observer yesterday and thought it was fantastic, but when are we going to have another notice on the Blog from Ben. Its good to know how the farming side of things is going – especially the pigs…

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